Our History


"Risk Protection International (RPI) is an award winning and internationally recognized trade credit and political risk insurance brokerage, established in 1987. Our focus is developing customized programs that best suit your risk mitigation, revenue growth and financing interests. We take into account the concerns and challenges that are unique to your business. RPI accesses the entire network of major private, governmental, multilateral and captive trade credit and political risk insurance entities in the USA and abroad. We also have strong relationships with many specialized trade finance preferred lenders."

Our Vision


RPI’s clients are growth oriented businesses. They range from small companies through large multi-nationals, financial institutions, and other related enterprises engaged in domestic and/or international markets. Most clients have never incurred a loss when initiating discussions with RPI. Their business practices are sound with good marketing strategies, but they need a jumpstart. Clients seek solutions from RPI that will energize their business and increase their revenues. RPI’s focus starts with recognizing the current and future needs for our client. We see the policy as a beginning, the key to unlocking your profit potential. Your policy allows RPI to assist you with increasing your financing needs and providing you with an alternative sales strategy.The policy provided through RPI is the cornerstone to your success. However, just because you’re insured, doesn’t mean you’re protected. RPI’s decades of experience allows us to help you maximize your coverage, maximize your revenues and maximize your profits. AND, when a claim occurs, maximize your recovery. 

A History of Proven Experience

RPI's seasoned professional staff has extensive experience in receivables management, trade finance, and credit insurance underwriting. From the initial inquiry through claim settlement, RPI is working with you to grow your business. Your policy requires ongoing adjustments to maximize your risk mitigation, revenue growth and financing. We are committed to ongoing client service and technical support, allowing you to remain focused on growing your business.

Our Client Support Expertise Is Working For You
  • Policy Placements RPI provides a consolidated centralized search by accessing all interested trade credit and political risk insurance underwriters. There are no individual firms or agents to deal with whose focus is their product. OR, a firm whose focus is with selective insurance companies. RPI works for you to get the best policy available to meet your requirements.

  • Policy Administration RPI’s state-of-the-art automated systems assist you in complying with policy reporting requirements. RPI is there whenever action has to be taken with your policy. Whether providing simple reminders to reviewing complex proposals, RPI is there with you.

  • Marketplace Intelligence RPI provides detailed insight on domestic and country risks, underwriting trends and available coverage. Gain an edge on the competition moving into new growth markets and stepping back in troubled ones.

  • Financing Solutions To Grow Your Business RPI provides you with a vast array of financing options though our preferred lenders. A greater borrowing percentage can be provided for your accounts receivables. Business rich but cash poor insured companies have access to increased working capital and lines of credit. Include your foreign receivables or concentrated higher risk portfolios into the borrowing base.

  • Claims Management RPI has extensive claims experience and serve as the focal point during the claim settlement process. That experience allows us to catch potential problems early so that claim payments are timely. RPI also encourages documentary review before policy acceptance and upon a non-payment potential.